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8 Top Custom Law Firm Websites

8 top custom law firm websites

There are many well-designed custom law firm websites, but they’re kinda hard to find since there are many more poorly designed ones out there. We spent some time browsing through hundreds of sites to see if we could pick out and share some of the best law firm websites on the internet to help you get a better idea of how yours can help you attract, inform and convert your clients.

Over the years, we’ve been successful in helping law firms grow their businesses and we know what it takes to develop an effective website. We know all of the elements that need to be added and executed throughout a law firm’s website to attract and retain more business. Therefore, even though we were able to find attractive and well-designed sites, none of them were the complete package. To provide value for ourselves as well as our audience who we’re sharing these findings with, we’ve shared both the pros and cons of each site.

Best Custom Law Firm Websites on the Internet

    1. Lindahl – Largest law firm in Stockholm, Sweden


lindahl law firm website

The Lindahl website is an attractive website because of its minimalist design. A clean, simple layout is used which works really well responsively and is user-friendly. However, as lovely as it looks, the one downside is that the imagery doesn’t connect. The theme is appreciated because it relates to the tagline, but users might quickly leave thinking that they’re not on the right site because the imagery doesn’t portray anything about law. It’s also worth noting that some added imagery to the blog and knowledge center would help entice the audience into reading the articles.

Besides the homepage, three other changes could be made to help improve the site even more. One of those would be to add an easier way to contact the firm by adding a form somewhere on the site. Also, drawing more attention to the practice areas and the knowledge center on the homepage would make it easier for the user to find the information that’s most important to them.

Lastly, testimonials should be added to the site. According to analytics, users who are contacting an attorney for the first time have two critical questions that need to be answered first. Can this law firm handle my case? And, can they do it well? Listing the practice areas up front will answer the first question. Adding testimonials or reviews (or even a button that leads to the reviews on another site) would help answer the second question.

Overall, this is an excellent website because it’s a custom law firm website with a minimalist layout & the type of information they provide. The small changes of updating the banner images, adding images to the Latest News pages, adding a form and adding reviews would help make this site even better.


      • Clean & responsive layout
      • Easy to read & navigate
      • Well organized & uses a knowledge center which is convenient for first-time users


      • Imagery that connects better to what the firm does
      • Add testimonials or reviews
      • Add in a form or multiple forms on every page
    1. Knutson + Casey – Hometown Attorneys in Mankato, Minnesota


example of custom law firm websites

There’s a lot to like about this website because of the richness of the bright color scheme, the different angles, the overlapping elements, and the various background patterns and images. All of these reasons make the site more interesting for the user to interact with. This website also offers many different, easy ways for a user to contact them which is convenient, so they don’t have to spend time looking for it.

However, as great as the site looks, some usability factors should be addressed. One of the most important factors would be the layout and user flow of the practice areas since they’re so important. To start, the practice area section on the homepage is too far down, and it doesn’t include any links or buttons to any of the pages on mobile. Another issue is trying to find the area you’re looking for. It can be better organized, so the user doesn’t need to keep clicking to find what they need.

Lastly, the navigation could use some work because it is difficult to use on desktop and impossible to use on mobile. If it were better arranged and used in a different format, it would make a big difference. Also adding some imagery would help the user connect better with the firm and become more familiar with it. The same imagery is used throughout the site which could get boring, and the large headers make it hard to see that the page changed because the headings aren’t in view (depending on what resolution you’re using).

Altogether, this website does check off the necessary elements except for a few. The practice areas and the navigation would be the most significant changes to upgrade the usability. An additional plus would also be adding a Resources page to help guide and answer user’s questions to help prepare them for what’s ahead.


      • Easy ways to contact
      • Nice color scheme and use of patterns and overlapping elements on the homepage
      • Good use of testimonials


      • Impossible to use mobile navigation
      • Difficult to navigate practice areas
      • No educational content (eBooks, FAQ’s, etc.)


    1. Banks Law – Workers Comp Lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Banks Law’s website is enjoyable to look at and use because of its simple custom law firm websites. The homepage is arranged appropriately because they offer a guide right under the main banner and then three videos that lead to a video page. These two sections are great because they could quickly answer questions that users might have. They also let the user know right away what type of law firm they are and the types of services they offer which are very convenient.

The website isn’t overloaded with too much information which makes it easy to navigate, but a bit more visuals would help especially on the blog. Having more visuals of the firm gives the user more insight and comfort by actually seeing the people they’d be sharing personal information with and where they would be meeting them ahead of time.

Additionally, adding more information about the attorneys and how to contact them individually would be beneficial. There’s probably a chance that a user might want to contact an attorney directly instead of having the only option of contacting the whole firm.

Overall this site uses a nice clean layout & provides just enough resources for its users. The usability of the site is great & works well responsively. However, adding more visuals to connect the firm better to their users and providing more information to contact their attorneys directly could make this site more helpful to their users.


      • Simple, enjoyable layout and color scheme
      • Educational material is offered upfront on the homepage to help any first-time users
      • Has good usability and is responsive


      • More visuals are needed to help users connect better with the content and the firm
      • Doesn’t allow users to contact team members directly, they have to go through the form on the contact or services pages
      • Doesn’t have many reviews or testimonials so adding those could result in more people contacting them
    1. George Gedulin – Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego, California


gedulin website design

This website checks off almost all of the necessary boxes for a great law firm website. However, the blog layout for this firm could’ve been designed better for bounce rate and usability. Infinite scrolling that they use doesn’t provide great usability because it doesn’t give the user options and it makes it hard for the user to access the footer if they need to. It’s awesome how they’ve added the secondary navigation on mobile because that makes it easier for the user to quickly find the important pages that they’re most likely looking for.

Besides the blog, the homepage provides simple directions to the practice area pages and to learn more about the firm. To make the homepage even better, some offers would be great to help educate clients more about their case while they’re waiting to hear back. Cutting out most of the copy they’ve placed in the middle of the homepage would be beneficial since it’s too chunky and will most likely turn users away from wanting to read all of it.

Overall, the best part of the custom law firm website is that it is easy to use, but it highly lacks imagery. There are no images on the blog which could lower the bounce rate, and the copy is too heavy because there’s no imagery to balance it. This firm also doesn’t supply any educational resources to help answer the many questions a client might have while waiting for a consultation.


      • Usability is good, and the site is easy to use on mobile
      • The testimonials are a great addition and give users more insight into the firm
      • It’s easy to contact the law firm with a form being in the footer


      • More imagery is needed to help balance the vast amount of copy and to keep users interested
      • There aren’t any educational resources to help users when they’re waiting for their consultation or waiting to hear back
      • The blog needs a new layout because it’s hard to navigate with the infinite scrolling and it’s not very interesting to look at without any imagery


    1. Price Law – Class Action & Trial Attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana


price law firm website design

The overall look & branding of this website is put together well, but there are a couple of things that could change. The first would be cleaning up the homepage by reducing the copy and getting rid of any of the carousel and accordion content. The use of carousels isn’t best practice because they require so many clicks to reveal information. You’ll notice, that there are three being used on the homepage.

The second change would be getting rid of the side navigation on the about and attorneys page. Then swapping out some of the side navigations, like the one on the cases & investigations page, with a list of the services instead. Users should have easy access to the pages that mean the most to them so making sure the user flow is planned out for them is essential.

The last change would be to add resources throughout the site and especially on the homepage. Users looking for attorneys usually have a lot of questions so it’s important that they are offered resources so they can help educate themselves to make the best decisions.

Altogether, this site checks off almost all of the necessary elements. It does use best practices regarding layout, but it could use the small improvements that are mentioned above. The design is a bit outdated, but it is clean and not cluttered which is good.


      • It is responsive and works well on mobile
      • There’s either a form or a contact button on every page
      • The services are well organized


      • Carousels and accordions are used for some of the content on the homepage and inner pages
      • The color scheme could be updated since it looks a little outdated
      • The content is too bulky and not balanced
    1. Gunter Firm – Personal Injury & Employment Lawyer in Fort Myers & Naples, Florida


gunter custom law firm websites

Users are drawn to this website because of the color scheme, and the website overall has updated styling and is appropriately responsive. It’s good that they dive into the services and FAQs on the homepage, but the personal banner photos don’t really connect to what this firm does. The direction they tried taking with the tagline is great, but the personal photos don’t connect well with their services so it could confuse the user.

Another concern about some custom law firm websites is how they have two separate websites for Employment Law and Personal Injury. This could also confuse the user because the two sites are very similar but have different content so they might just think they’re still on the same site. It also took me a while to figure out that the two buttons that link the user to each of the sites act as a navigation bar as well. This provides poor usability because a button should never act as both a button and a navigation bar. The mobile version of this is also hard to understand. A user would have to click on “Employment Law” once, then open the navigation bar again and click “Employment Law” once more to get to that services menu.

Other than usability concerns, this website is well put together and provides the user with the right amount of information that they would need. It has updated design styling, it’s organized for the most part, and the information is easy to digest.



      • Poor navigational usability especially by having two different websites
      • The imagery on the homepage doesn’t connect the user well to what this law firm does
      • Carousels are used which hinder usability
    1. Bracewell – Law and Government Relations Firm in multiple locations internationally


The best part of this site layout is how clean and uncluttered it is. Their knowledge center is appreciated because it can conveniently answer users questions and it is located on the homepage. One noticeable issue is that there isn’t a contact form on any of the pages except the contact page. More conversions could take place if there is a contact form on the other pages especially since the contact page link is hidden in the hamburger menu. It is also odd that there are two menus. They could’ve done a better job organizing their navigation so they wouldn’t have to have two menus.

Their services are organized well, so it’s easy to find what a user is looking for. They have them all listed as well as broken down by industry. There is also a PDF that can be downloaded for almost all of the areas which can help users learn more about the type of trouble they might be in which is awesome.

This site is well-structured for the most part and doesn’t need too many improvements. Adding easier ways for a person to contact them and reorganizing the navigation bar would be the only major suggestions for improvements.


      • A PDF about each of the services is included on almost every service page (it should open in a new window but doesn’t)
      • The services are well organized and broken down by industry
      • They have a resources center


      • Only a contact form on the contact page
      • Two navigations are being used
      • There aren’t any reviews or testimonials
    1. Conroy Simberg – Premier Insurance Defense Firm, multiple locations in Florida


conroy simberg law firm website layout

What is most liked about this site is how it’s designed and how well organized it is. The layout makes it easy to find the information a user might be looking for. The practice areas are cleanly organized and categorized by the industry as well. The things that could change, however, would be some user flow/usability, contact & educational issues.

The general flow and usability aren’t bad, but it could still use some improvement. First off, there are two buttons/links and a carousel in the header on the homepage. This provides too many directions for the user to take. Reviewing analytics and deciding on just one path the user should naturally want to make, would guide them through the site the way they’re supposed to.

Another aspect to clean up are the two accordions being used on the homepage. Accordions are used where there’s too much information that needs to be organized or hidden. The accordions are being used here because there’s a lot of information they want to add on the homepage, but need a way to disguise it all. The first problem with this is that an additional click needs to happen for the user to view the information, which is unnecessary. Secondly, the homepage copy should be more of a welcome greeting so taking away copy and then adding a button will help guide the user to a page where the rest of the information for that topic is stored. This approach lets the user decide which information they want to see and it also helps lower the bounce rate.

One of the last two issues is having an easier way for the user to contact the firm without having to call them. There aren’t any contact forms, just phone numbers, and email addresses. Even though they have multiple offices, having a contact form somewhere would give users an easier option to contact them. Lastly, I would add some resources to help calm users of their issues by providing them with easy-to-understand educational materials. Resources are important because people who are looking for an attorney are usually in some sort of panic and having educational resources about their case could help ease their stress, help them understand, and prepare them better.


      • Great color scheme and design elements
      • The practice areas are easy to find and are organized well
      • Responsive & easy to use on mobile


    • There aren’t any contact forms
    • No educational resources are provided
    • There are too many paths for users to take on the homepage

Websites should continuously evolve and change with their users so there are always going to be negative and positive aspects of every site. Plus, it’s important to note that any changes to a website should be based on that particular law firm’s audience. So the changes we suggest might not work for every site based on the user’s needs.

Our suggested changes are meant to inspire law firms to look more into what their user’s needs are and how they can be satisfied.

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