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7 Key Benefits Google Ads Can Offer Your Business

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It Is a Proven Fact That The Fastest Way To Scale Your Business Starts With Paid Advertising!

Many small businesses fail due to the simple fact that their paid search management was lackluster or never existed at all due to intimidation of the marketing in planning, execution, and cost. However, since the advent of Google going public some sixteen years ago, businesses of all sizes have utilized their turn-key software and search results to scale their marketing using keywords to reach targeted audiences. Although there are many people and many organizations that have different experiences using Google Ads; some good and some bad here are seven key benefits of how Google can grow your business:

#1: Establishing Reach To Thousands of Potential Customers Instantly

Imagine the challenge of getting your ads to appear on popular shows like Mad Money or an N.B.A. basketball game. Do you know exactly how you would do that? Many organizations have spent tens of thousands of dollars and or millions of dollars on just that. At best, most marketing objectives were to establish brand awareness for a new product or service.

Google Display Network Still K.I.N.G., Breathes Life Into Your Marketing

One of the best impacts of using Google as an alternative is the G.D.N. or Google Display Network. Many websites rave about using the traditional Google Search to build ads for people already looking for you, but some of the best traffic you can invest in is upper funnel-focused traffic. Reaching audiences on Display or with Native Advertising networks brings life to your entire Digital Marketing Campaign.

Many CPC search initiatives can suffer from segmenting too early and not have the necessary prospects to power things such as:

  1. R.S.L.A. Audiences
  2. Custom Audiences

Audiences can scale to reach similar target audiences based on the mad rush of initial traffic from initial brand awareness or unaware content campaigns.

Google Constantly Improving To Extend Reach In Unique Ways

One good thing about Google is they are figuring out new ways for advertisers and or small businesses to place different types of ad content creatives such as:

  • YouTube – in recent years Google has identified video to be a great way to reach engaged audiences early in your marketing funnel and has added low-cost methods to reach in-market audiences. You can even build remarketing ads in videos that your target customers watch.
  • Google Shopping – another colossal addition to establishing upper funnel, middle funnel, and lower funnel reach
  • Mobile Apps – everything is about mobile these days, and this is a fast way to scale marketing and optimize your targeting on affinity and in-market insights.

#2: Being a Big Fish In a Small Pond, Ability To Hone In Unique Marketing Position

A crucial point for most small businesses is that they are small and tightly focused on solving one problem. Building a marketing campaign offline is an immense task that involves events, trade shows, and hefty costs. Yet, most of the time, you can feel like a little fish in a Big, Big Pond!

With Google, you will directly benefit from targeting your ads and forcing visitors to buy from you because of your unique marketing position. You can obliterate your competition in just this one area. Building ads on Google Ads with your brand’s unique selling position can help differentiate you from your competition, and bidding for the same traffic against your competitors becomes a game-changer in conversions and thus grows your business.

#3: Ability To Test Product Launches and Ad Creatives

To scale your digital advertising efforts, you will need to test products with potential prospects and launch products offline; you must commit thousands of dollars to test things out. Another benefit that Google Ads can bring to your business is reducing the roadblocks and costs of testing out a product with various ad creatives. In business eliminating directional issues and budget waste with product development is just as important; those tests literally can save the company!

#4: Build Marketing Intelligence Through Broad Keyword Bidding

As mentioned above, one of the most significant benefits of Google Ads is reducing the cost it takes to do a product or service launch. But another benefit is developing marketing intelligence from product launches in broad keyword bidding.

Although we live in an age where customers can come to you through keyword searches online, not all keywords are equal; people can take different actions. In less than an hour on Google Ads, you can launch broad campaigns that will let you develop information and eventually a strategy of what works to once again focus on scaling your advertising asap!

#5: Ability To Scale By Building Lookalike Audiences To Remarket To

After testing product or service launches, testing keywords, and testing ad creatives, Google Ads keeps building in audiences that can scale. Starting with Display and taking advantage of all the different ad formats and reach, you can qualify prospects and start building audiences.

Although Google has some recommended baselines to make these machine learning algorithms grow your business, once you meet guidelines, small businesses can grow marketing campaigns to new heights and avoid hitting the wall or breaking the law of diminishing returns.

Even better, you can combine existing CRM Data (should you have it) and avoid ramp-up time using RSLA audiences. Understanding the power of Display, you can build an array of campaigns that can re-engage existing customers and maximize the time value of your leads.

#6: Ability To Track Results and Measure

To ensure that you can succeed in digital marketing efforts, Google Ads gives small businesses the ability to measure their C.P.C. campaigns with Google Analytics. One of the most powerful things you can do is measure your marketing! The benefits work to eliminate budget waste from keywords, audiences, and ad creatives that don’t work.

Another benefit of Google Ads is you can also utilize campaign conversion data to focus on specific actions that ultimately lead to good R.O.A.S. percentages or pay-per-conversion action. As you see the progression in your ads, you can graduate your campaigns to power automated bidding strategies that allude to you scaling your advertising efforts.

#7: Ability To Send Traffic To Landing Pages To Force a Conversion Action

This last benefit is undisputed in controlling your traffic to take the desired action. Landing pages allow advertisers to build search prospects into qualified audiences with uninterrupted noise or distractions. Developing audiences for low cost is the holy grail of marketing. When you see the bigger picture, the ultimate goal of all marketing objectives is to walk away with audience segments that can convert into cash!

Overall The Greatest Benefit of Utilizing Google Ads Is In Scale

When it comes down to it, Google Ads gives small businesses of all backgrounds instant benefits. Some of the benefits are hard to see from just a 10-foot view. However, the main takeaway you should walk away with is that you can quickly take action and scale your business by having instant access to millions of prospects within the Google Display Network. Nowhere in the world can you launch a marketing campaign and reach your target audiences within a few hours—Google’s robust technology enables you to build and scale engaged prospects at all stages of your sales funnel. You’ll never get better economies of scale from marketing than with Google Ads!

Want to discover all Google Ads has to offer your business? Drop us a line or schedule a call today to discuss your options and start generating leads.