Creative Email Marketing Ideas For Your Customers
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6 Creative Email Marketing Ideas to Sneak Messages into Your Customer’s Inbox

6 creative ways to reach your customer's email inbox

Reach Your Customer’s Inbox with Creative Email Marketing Ideas

Your customers may not be fond of spam in their email inboxes. But, there are ways to make an appearance without coming across as a spammer. The trick is to find a relevant medium to post content and allow for your customers to sign up for offers.

According to a stat by Monetate, “Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.” This means that if you don’t already have a strategy and email marketing plan, then creating one should be top priority.

What can you do with email marketing besides sending out email blasts?

6 Creative Email Marketing Ideas

    1. Interact on Social Media

One easy way to get straight into your customer’s inboxes is by interacting with them on social media. An option to do this is by responding to the replies your customers leave on Facebook or retweeting something on their page you find interesting on Twitter. Most retweets and replies appear as messages in a person’s email inbox and are more likely to reach your customer.

    1. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a popular question-and-answer site that can help you reach more customers. Creating a Quora profile makes it possible for you to directly connect with customers by answering questions and offering a solution — or presenting your product as a solution.

What’s great about this site is that your answers will automatically appear in your customer’s inbox, and in addition, some popular answers may also make it to multiple potential buyers’ inboxes (by the thousands!) if they become hot topics. Building up a Quora profile is one way to sneak emails into your customer’s inboxes by offering them valuable information.

    1. Publish Your Articles on Medium

Medium is one of the most popular platforms online for publishing content. Your email strategy could benefit from medium content because users can follow you and receive updates every time you make a new post. By requesting to publish your articles under a popular publisher already on the site, you also get your articles in front of plenty of people already interested in your niche. Each time new content is published, your followers often receive your articles in their inbox summary.

    1. Build a Marketing Automation Framework

A marketing automation framework on your website is one way to keep your doors open 24/7 without having someone on hand to answer questions.

An automation framework consists of a series of offers, such as Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Funnel offers by requiring the potential customer to sign up for the offer using their email. These offers cater to the three separate stages of customer acquisition — awareness, consideration, and decision — that help educate customers about your business’ products/services.

The marketing automation framework coincides with your offers by creating a “sales funnel” to move the buyer toward the final goal and consists of emails and offers sent to your customer’s inbox. Example offers for each of the three steps could be a blog article, an ebook, and finally a consultation or discount.

    1. Ask Customers to Subscribe to Your Blog

It may seem obvious to ask your customers to subscribe to your blog, but many forget this stage of customer loyalty. A blog subscription or newsletter sends your latest articles straight to your customers’ inboxes.

Building and nurturing relations with leads and customers is the key to getting more referrals through the door. Each bit of information that reaches your customers likely reinforces your relationship with them and helps you reach friends and colleagues in their network.

    1. Give Your Customers Incentives with Loyalty Discounts

Don’t let your customers forget about you. Customer loyalty is one of the most important parts of business because people are more likely to trust the word of a friend or colleague when it comes to making buying decisions. Therefore, the key to referrals is staying in touch with the customers who already approve of your products and services. Loyalty discounts and incentives for submitting your email will build these opportunities over time.

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