Oyova Launches the New LumbeeGroup.com - Oyova Software
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LumbeeGroup.com live and ready for business

Lumbee Group

Oyova Partners With Lumbee Group

The Lumbee Resource Management Group, LLC is an IT services provider for a wide range of clients, from medium to large businesses to the Federal government. They provide IT support,  IT staffing, cloud services, software development, and the list goes on! The only thing the Lumbee Group was missing was a web presence to be the face of their online activity.

Oyova partnered with the Lumbee Group to create a website that provides a comprehensive overview of its mission and services. We’ve implemented a professional design to give the Lumbee Group website the proper feel for their business. Lumbee Group will handle any IT task that your company needs, but has the scope to cover all of your IT needs with excellent results and attention to your needs.

“Oyova is the resource Lumbee Group engages for developing software ranging from healthcare applications to CRM and sales management applications. Their solutions and customer service are always excellent.The Lumbee Group had the privilege of working along side Oyova to launch LumbeeGroup.com, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.”
Johnny Helms
Lumbee Resource Management Group, LLC