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Step by Step Guide to Drive Traffic to Your Online Stores

Step by Step Guide to Drive Traffic to Your Online Stores

Sell More Products Online By Increasing Ecommerce Traffic

Ready to increase website traffic and sales in your online stores? If you’re still not reaching your sales goals with online stores, then follow this step-by-step guide to driving traffic to your shop.

Presence: Get Your Name Out There

The truth is, no amount of online marketing could accomplish the impact of a great recommendation in real time. There’s something special about a new product or service that comes up in everyday conversation as opposed to one that exists only in an intangible world online.

Establish Presence Online

Presence can be accomplished through digital advertising channels, yet you should always make it a point to talk about your company and reach out to others to establish good business relations. Make a physical appearance by networking with people in your industry and establishing connections with top influencers online. These are the people who have the power to immediately introduce your brand to the right online audience.

Expertise: Blog About It

Before your audience buys anything from you, they want to know they can trust you. That’s why many top brand names and companies today maintain a steady blog. A blog helps assure the customer that you really know what you’re talking about. Make it easy for the reader to locate the link to your store throughout your blog. Try mentioning specific products for the best results.

Start a Blog

Expertise is expressed through content marketing, and a great content marketing campaign is also a surefire way to convince the reader to buy your product just with a single blog post. It’s all in how you approach it. Make it a point to write content about your field of expertise, but also use blog posts as a persuasive argument in favor of what you offer.

Publicity: Promote on Social Media

Blast your latest product line via social media. The best digital advertising tools today for social media marketing, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, see millions of users online a day. Not to mention, many users check their profiles religiously. This means that, if you connect with the right audience, you have millions of chances to get them to buy each month.

Publicize on Social Media

Publicity is the ability of your business to interact with your online community. But when is the best time post to get them to buy online? Research shows that social media engagement peaks on average every Thursday and Friday. In addition, the most shares are in by 1 pm, while 3 pm posts get the most clicks, and engagement increases after 6 pm.

Reputation: Get Good Reviews and High Ranks

Do other customers leave good reviews for others to see? If not, you may want to add this tidbit to your next email marketing campaign. Ask satisfied customers for feedback on product reviews.

Publicize on Social Media

Reputation gives your brand name authority over the competition. If there is no place to rate your products or services online, use genuine quotes and recommendations from your customers to build a great online reputation.

Interface: Make it Fun and User Friendly

There’s a possibility that your online interface is actually working against you. Take a good look at your website and the online store and ask, “how can I make it more fun and easy to make a purchase in my store?”

User Friendly Ecommerce Store

The interface should always be user-friendly. Upgrade your interface with a web design that sells. Be certain that locating your store and buying your products is a delightful experience from beginning to end.

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