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Targeting Customers for a Better Digital Marketing System

Targeting Customers for a Better Digital Marketing System

What’s the best way to reach customers? Target them.

Targeting customers online is easier than ever before. There’s no need to waste your time on people who are not interested in your products/services. It just takes a great deal of research and insight into what makes your customers tick and where they spend the most time online.

If you want to start reducing the cost of your digital marketing efforts, then it’s time to adopt a more intelligent approach. Targeting is a method to reach a specific audience that may already be interested in what you offer. With targeting, you can stop focusing on ‘face-less’ crowds of people and start directing your attention and focus on more quality sources of leads or potential customers.

Here are great digital marketing methods for targeting customers:

Conduct research on your best customers.

So how do you develop a customer-targeting approach? Take a look at your best customers, then ask why they chose you over a competitor. It may be time for an interview. Have you ever sat down with customers and asked them questions like:

  • “Why did you pick this particular product?”
  • “Is there a reason you went with us?”
  • “How did you find our company?”

The best marketing insight comes from your customers. They can tell you everything you need to know from the outside looking in, and this is often where your information is lacking. It’s hard to discern the way others see your company, so always take the time to ask your customers questions and listen to feedback (both good and bad) to adapt your targeting approach accordingly.

Discover the problem, and offer a solution.

Most potential buyers possess a problem and are in search of a solution. It’s up to you to present this solution in the most apparent and accessible way. This is the part where you benefit from getting a better idea of your customer’s “mindset”. What truly convinces them to buy?

Modern-day study of psychology tells us that, for the most part, “emotions” play a much larger role than “logic” when making buying decisions. This means that your customer’s mindset is not always guided by logic but a feeling. Therefore, what’s the challenge overcome or reward your customer receives from what you offer? Finding out the most common problems they face will help you target customers with bold statements that can be heard loud and clear out over the crowds to reach those in search of a solution.

Focus on “triggers” that make your audience take action.

No one likes pain. Triggers are “pain points” that convince your customers that their need for your products/services deserves priority over all other things. You don’t necessarily have to scare them, but just convince them that they would be worse off without it. Triggers don’t necessarily have to be negative either. Think of it like the feeling you get when you think you might “miss out” on something big.

A trigger can also be a unique selling point. Why does a person choose to buy a band’s entire new album? Just to hear the one favorite song they like. If there’s something special about your products that “triggers” a fangirl-like decision or impulse to buy, use it for better digital marketing.

Remember your niche or topic of relevance.

The standard today is, in order to make it online, you have to appeal to a certain crowd with a relevant niche or topic. Without your niche topic, not only will you fail to raise your ranks in the search engines, but you will also come across as disorganized in appearance. Your customers don’t want to have to squint or take a closer look at your pages to understand what it is that you do. This is where the niche topic comes in to help create a pattern that connects the minds of your audience with you as a company.

Targeting customers is a key aspect of better digital marketing.

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