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Time to Switch to WordPress?

Time to Switch to WordPress

Switching to WordPress

You may have been hearing about WordPress recently. The WordPress platform has been growing in popularity for all kinds of websites, now, not just blogs.

If you’re thinking about switching your conventional site to WordPress, here are some of the questions you’re probably wondering about:

Can I keep the same look I have now?

Yes. Oyova can implement your look into a WordPress site. This might be a good time, though, to update your look as well as your functionality. WordPress is very versatile, and you can get whatever look you want.

Can I keep the same web hosting?

Maybe. You’ll need a LAMP environment, so your current web host should have a Linux server for you and a MySQL database. Usually, you can just ask your web host whether they can host WordPress sites or not. Even if they do, you may have to close your current account and start a new one. However, Oyova can host your site after the conversion, or find you a WordPress host you’ll be happy with.

Is WordPress as easy to use as they say?

It depends on how easy they say it is. You don’t have to be an engineer or even an IT specialist to use WordPress, but we won’t pretend there isn’t a learning curve. Remember when you learned to use Office or the programs you use at work? Like those programs, WordPress is designed to be easy and non-technical. You don’t have to learn to code in order to be able to keep your own site up to date.

Plus, you can always call on us to make updates for you. We’re happy to help, and the WordPress platform makes those updates faster and more affordable.

Will WordPress be good for my SEO? Will I lose visitors?

WordPress is designed for SEO, and we at Oyova install the tools you need to help make your website visible to search engines. Your current visitors will still come to your site in the same way as they always have, and they may not even notice anything different.

Do WordPress sites cost more?

Actually, since WordPress has a vast library of plug-ins and widgets that add functionality to a site, they can cost less than a conventional site where we might have to build a lot of things, especially for you.

If you think you might be ready to make the switch, call Oyova today at 904-322-8820. We can answer all your questions.