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What an API Can’t Do

What an API Can't Do

The Limits of APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a business tool – but it’s not a magic bullet. While you may want to wave a wand (is there an app for that?) to fix your integration issues and other web woes, nothing—not even an API—can supplement poor development and bad practice.

Now that you know what an API can do for you, perhaps you’re curious about what it can’t. Here’s a look at a few major matters that’ll take more than a little technical know-how to solve.

An API Can’t Answer for Poor Customer Service

While it’s possible to implement an API that automates the collection of client feedback—whether it’s via your users’ purchase reviews or general app habits—an API can’t combat poor customer support. Meaning: An API can retrieve criticism, but it can’t reprogram an unhappy consumer.

The Can-Do Attitude: That being said, you can use an API to gain valuable insight that inspires employees to take action. Consider app integration such as the Net Promoter API that can help your business turn metrics into relationships. This CRM-friendly solution provides a powerful picture of your company’s—and application’s—quality of service, giving you the tools you need to change.

An API Can’t Implement its Own Solutions

While we’re on the topic of change, it’s important to note that an API can’t anticipate your next move. If you’re ready to transform your current process, don’t expect that your present API will simply adapt. Despite its technological strides, an API isn’t exactly a mind reader.

The Can-Do Attitude: Take the information you’ve gathered and devise a plan. It doesn’t matter how you’ve collected the data—be it automation or a good old-fashioned offline audit—you now know that your company needs a second look.

Review your website development; reconsider your application development – just don’t expect an API to have all the answers. A solid plan put forth by a devoted manager is your only way out of the digital rabbit hole.

An API Can’t Fix a Bad Platform

An API isn’t a patch, a plug, or a dam; it won’t hold back overflow issues that trickle down from a bad platform. Whatever the malfunction—and there could be many—you should know that an API isn’t some mobile-ready Band-Aid.

Perhaps your app is built on an outdated system; likewise, maybe it’s too new. Whatever the difficulty, know that your problem platform will rear its ugly head soon enough – likely mid-integration.

The Can-Do Attitude: An API is a comrade and counterbalance. It’s the sidekick to your app’s super capabilities. If your enterprise solution isn’t at peak performance, then don’t expect your API to be either. An experienced API programmer will know how to strengthen your platform – and the first answer isn’t always an API.
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