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What should you do when Traditional Marketing doesn’t work? Digitize.

What should you do when Traditional Marketing doesn't work

Traditional Advertising? They’re over it. It’s time to Get Digital.

There’s a reason traditional marketing no longer works. It interrupts, and not many people like to be interrupted. However, there is a better way, and it’s called digital marketing.

Has your business made a proper switch to online marketing? If not, you may be surprised by how many of your customers are already online. Digital marketing is a simple solution to your traditional advertising problem.

Here’s how you go digital:

Take to the internet!

The first step is to take to the internet. You need an effective web design, a collection of social media profiles, and possibly a blog. Presence is the beginning of your online marketing program. Every bit of what you do can be seen by viewers online, so it’s important to get this step right. Just as you would “dress for success” to make a sale in a traditional advertising world, you design and develop your website to impress with a professional presence.

Inform and engage but don’t interrupt.

Who wants to watch a commercial just after it rudely interrupts their favorite TV show? Not many people enjoy watching commercials — unless, of course, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Since the tradition of “commercial watching” is celebrated only once a year as a sideshow to an even larger event, it seems silly to continue on down this route as your main mode of marketing.

Make your products/services the new exciting thing everyone is talking about.

These days, most customers are already out looking for your products. But they’re not doing so in person, they’re online! All the more reason to establish an online base of operations to receive leads with absolutely no effort past the point of implementation. This is the power of your business website. That’s why you should make it easy for customers to find your website and also give them a good reason to browse around. The most effective content marketing educates, informs, and persuades your customers to make more intelligent buying decisions, thus it convinces them to make a purchase.

Swap direct sales for inbound marketing.

There’s no need to stand in front of your customers or get pushy with sales. The modern world has already offered a solution to direct sales, and it’s inbound marketing. With inbound marketing, your customer personally makes a choice to engage with your content. This means they are already more likely to trust you off the bat — since most people who come to a decision do so assuming they are correct and dislike when they find out they are actually incorrect. That is, most people who take a chance on you don’t want to be proven wrong. They have already placed some level of trust in your products/services, so don’t screw it up!

With inbound marketing, a lead is a response to your Call to Action. You don’t need to shove products and services in their face, but you do need to remind them of the problem they possess and offer a solution. Or they may have already been aware of the problem, but you make the “right” solution (your own) much more apparent, accessible, and the better choice.

The truth is, you could have the best product on the planet, but without presenting it right before your customers’ eyes, they hardly know it even exists. Inbound marketing is all in strategic placement. It’s the less hostile, digital version of a billboard.

Find out where your customers hang out online.

Where are your customers spending most of their time online? This is one key factor in the overall success of your digital marketing efforts. You have to target your customers. With traditional advertising, you get strategic placement to reach a large number of people in hopes that your customers will exist among the group.

This is a really sloppy way to go about things when you consider how much effort you are wasting to reach people who aren’t ever going to be interested in what you have to offer. Digital marketing provides a solution via targeting an audience online. To target and ‘find your people’, first take a look at where your best customers like to hang out online.

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