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8 of the best Halloween email subject Lines to bOOst your campaign

8 of the best Halloween email subject Lines to bOOst your campaign

Holidays are a BOOm for marketers. Email is an effective marketing strategy that you should take advantage of during the holidays, including Halloween. Communicating with your customers through specific themes are not only fun but can be very effective in exciting and spurring them to act or make a purchase – while making an indelible impression. Halloween email subject lines are a great space to be creative and personalize this scary, candy-filled holiday to your business.

When creating your Halloween email campaigns, pay close attention to the subject lines to ensure customers know they have a limited time to take advantage of your special treats. Discounts and other incentives should be incorporated in the subject line to appeal to your customers.

Dare to read on for some of the best email subject lines to get your customer’s attention and increase your open rate.


Scare Up Clicks with these Halloween Email Subject Lines

1. No tricks, only treats this Halloween! Ready for a sweet deal?

An excellent teaser for all kinds of products and services! Whether you sell clothes, edibles, electronics, chiropractic services, or anything in between – this subject line is sweet clickbait.

Email open rates are correlated with the mention of a deal and the relevance of that deal you’re offering. The day and time you send that sweet email is also a factor, but that’s a spooky story for another time. Keep in mind that although an effective Halloween email subject line is the most important factor for enticing folks to read on, the subject line is just the first step in generating more sales.

2. Check out our wonderfully wicked sale!

One of the most important rules with an email call-to-action is ensuring the subject is simple and eye-catching. Bringing holiday-themed alliteration to your reader’s eye, this one is another catch-all line to grab the attention of your customers. During Halloween, wickedness is a welcome mat.
Do kids want apples or candy when trick-or-treating? Remember to always send emails with relevance to your customer’s interests. Otherwise, you could be staring a ghoulish blunder in the face. Subscribers may decide to stop following or go elsewhere for their needs. Leave the apples behind.

3. We’re soo pump(kin)ed about this… ????

Intriguing, isn’t it? Don’t you want to know what comes after this…? Whether you are announcing a brand-new product or a fabulous sale, this is one of the best Halloween subject lines to make your customers open that all-important email.

Most of us have fond memories of Halloween growing up or trick-or-treating with our children. Why not take advantage of your customer’s sentimental side once they’ve opened that email? Incorporating emotion into your message can help convince the recipient that they really need your offer. Whether you use humor, motivation, or nostalgia as the basis for your message (and email subject line), the spirit of Halloween can have the power to evoke strong feelings.

4. Be spooktacular with a new [product]

This subject line works particularly great with clothes, accessories, and beauty products — but can, with creativity, expand into other industries. If you sell anything from fashion jewelry to fabulous leather boots, challenge your customers to be spooktacular.

Giving people the chance to be the first to check out a new product can be enticing. However, tread lightly when using this email subject line strategy, because subscribers may not open a similar email the next time around if the new product isn’t worth their time.

5. You’re going to SCREAM when You see this! ????

Combining the scary with the “everybody loves a great deal” mindset, this one is sure to grab your readers’ attention. It can be a perfect way to get rid of some overstock with an attractive, time-limited sale.

Since a typical Halloween email is expected to be clever or spooky, you can afford to be mysterious. Don’t be afraid to use intrigue in the subject line to grab attention. What’s there to scream about? Is it an exciting scream? Incorporate this method of mystery into your holiday strategy to entice customers to read on.

6. We have a FRIGHTfully good sale on [product]

Fuzzy Orange Bathrobes? Pumpkin Pie? Makeup Remover? Whether you are trying to move product or are selling services, don’t be scared to use this one. We dare you. The fear of loss (of missing out on a sale or discount) can be quite motivating, believe it or not.

7. Laugh all the way to the bank with these Ha-Ha-Halloween deals

The power of this one is no joke. You could even do a follow-up email with copy that asks the question, “Are you laughing yet? Why not?” Then explain the deals again with a clear timeline and/or specific countdown. “Only two days left to get these BOO-tiful deals…

Email subject lines that entertain are great – they can be easier to write and more fun for everyone. Keep in mind, however, to be careful if you plan to use a shock factor. Email open rates may come at the cost of subscribers converting. However, if you truly understand how your audience will perceive this type of subject line, it could pay off handsomely.

8. WITCH fab deal will you choose today?

Bringing it home with the which (witch) question, this is one more of the top Halloween email subject lines that can brew up some real business! Depending on your product line, you can even further personalize these sales. Sell cleaning supplies? Put your brooms on sale. Sell anything black in color? Pose the which (witch) question in the body of the email. Be creative. Be ‘witchingly’ clever.

Whether it’s wordplay, puns, or simply having fun in your Halloween subject line, a pun might do the trick during the spooky season. Using puns can help make your brand more approachable and easier to connect with, assuming you really are. Being clever shows that your brand knows how to have fun.

Start crafting appealing emails

Consumers these days have inboxes full of emails, and many messages go unread. This is especially the case during the holiday seasons, Halloween included. Use Halloween as an opportunity to get crafty with your email subject lines. Let your guts do the talking and set yourself apart from the competition by doing something different and fun.

Ready to scare up some business? Your customers are always looking for FRIGHTfully good deals. Just like other holidays throughout the year, Halloween is one you need to take advantage of to hit your business goals. Be bold, and let these top Halloween email subject lines (pumpkin) spice up your email marketing campaign.

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