Content, Development, or Design? Planning a New Website.
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Content, Development, or Design?

Content, Development, or Design?

Marketing Focuses for a New Site

You’re planning a new website for your business. Congratulations!

Maybe you’re starting out with a domain name and hosting, thinking about what platform to use and what kinds of special apps, from games to multimedia, you’ll want. These decisions are exciting to make, but they also have SEO consequences.

Be wary of all Flash sites, for example. Think twice about using a splash page, especially one that does animation and music before allowing visitors to enter your site. Hold out for a .com domain if you can, and don’t try to save a little money by using a .tk domain. All of these points are about development and SEO.

Then you may think about design. Making the site look good is a top priority for many people, and understandably so. Unfortunately, search engines can’t see your images and an attractive site that’s badly coded or loads slowly will rank lower with search engines with a well-built site.

On the other hand, you can’t believe the common claim that good content is all that matters and that your site doesn’t have to be well-designed. That might have been true a decade ago, but modern internet users expect a high level of design professionalism and usability. What’s more, the links you receive are a big part of SEO success, and people, not robots, decide what site to link to — at least in part on how they feel about the look of the site.

Content is still king, though. Matt Cutts of Google assures us that content continues to be the most important thing about websites, and the main thing that search engines use to learn about your site. There’s no point in investing in a beautiful design and sophisticated technology and then having poor content.

Does it sound like we’re going around in circles? That’s because content, design, and development work together to produce quality websites. Oyova isn’t a couple of artists or marketers; we’re a team of highly trained web experts. That means that you’ll end up with the website you need to succeed when you go with Oyova.

Contact our web design and development team — and make them your web design and development team.