Exceed Sales Goals with UX, Fresh Design & a Responsive Site
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Exceed Sales Goals with UX, Fresh Design and a Responsive Website

Exceed Sales Goals with UX, Fresh Design and a Responsive Website

There’s more to building a website than meets the eye. You might ask, why is website design so time-consuming, or why is web development so expensive?

The answer is, websites are deep. There’s a lot more to web design and development than surface appearances — literally. Ask a programmer and he’ll tell you that beneath the polished surface of your website, there are pages atop pages of code that must be translated to make for such simplistic UX.

What is involved in developing a website?

Mapping Out Your User Experience (UX)

Google no longer cares about your website unless it’s got good UX. What is UX or User Experience? UX is your customer’s experience when visiting your website. There are plenty of factors that contribute to a “good user experience” or a “bad user experience”.

What are some common UX mistakes:

Too Much Stuff –  So you went overboard? Plugins, design elements, videos, and graphics all slow down your website. Google prefers that your website page speed allows it to load in under 3 seconds.

Navigation Sucks

– You only need one navigation bar, and it should display buttons for your most popular pages. Customers want their questions answered right away. Your “user flow” should be intuitive for visitors, so that they reach the right pages in under 3 clicks.

It’s… Busy – Is there any clear direction to your pages? Sometimes more graphics, more headlines, more banners, and more Calls-to-Action actually do the opposite thing for your pages. It fails to pull in the conversions if there are too many things to look at or click.

Making an Impact with Fresh Design

Everyone is sick of fake. They can spot a stock photo from a mile away and instantly catch a whiff of the scent of bullshit. Your brand needs real representation in a fresh design. It must be exclusively made for your business, industry, and brand identity. This is how you connect with customers. Fresh design is all about tapping into the originality of your company.

Your web design should be just as unique as your UVP (Unique Value Proposition).

Digital marketers have learned that the power of photo-sharing platforms or video websites like Instagram and YouTube is all in the impact of visuals. Humans process graphics 60,000X faster than text, and 90 percent of the information translated by your brain is visual. This means that as soon as your website hits the display, you’ve been judged.

Make a great instantaneous first impression with fresh web design.

Going Mobile with a Responsive Web Design

How can you expect to “go mobile” with your business if you don’t have a responsive web design?

A responsive web design is the ability of your website to adapt to any device. When you go digital, search engine optimization (SEO), organic traffic, and even conversions all depend on your mobile website. These days, Google penalizes your pages with a search in mobile browsers if they aren’t responsive or “mobile-friendly”.

It’s time to improve your standing in mobile ranks with the power of UX and a responsive web design.

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