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9 Halloween social media ideas to revitalize your business

9 Halloween social media ideas to revitalize your business

Don’t be scared when trying to come up with effective Halloween social media ideas. Be creative. Have fun — and you can be truly “spooktastic” in this BOOming marketing season. Shoppers spend billions of dollars during this time of year and grabbing the attention of users in a holiday mood is an excellent marketing technique.

Check out these 9 Halloween social media ideas to BOOst your business:

Halloween social media ideas for your business

1. Create special buys or discounts for the spooky season

an example of Halloween social media ideas

Infuse your Halloween posts and advertisements with special deals, promotions, or giveaways with your favorite Halloween creatures and symbols. Everybody loves a deal and when you make It fun with bats, rats, and black cats (oh my!) — you can endear yourself to existing customers and attract curious ones.

2. Make your social media profiles festive

Get in the spirit of the season and decorate your social media profiles with black or orange backgrounds/banners, cobwebs, jack-o’-lanterns, and other festive garb. For additional impact, connect with your web developer to update your app and your website with some Halloween decorations.
This can be just the extra oomph your profile needs to gain attention and get extra sales.

3. Publish a viral-worthy short video series

publishing halloween videos on social media

Spooky stories are a Halloween tradition. If you can create a fun, intriguing series to tell a spooky story about your brand or a particular product (or line of products), you have the potential to really expand your reach. Oreo did exactly that with its Oreo Laboratorium campaign turning Oreos into monsters. You don’t have to have deep pockets to create award-worthy short films, just ingenuity and an iPhone (or other favorite mobile device or camera).

Get a cute black kitty to play with your products, use creepy music and have your favorite employee tell silly Halloween jokes, hide your products in an old house that looks like it may have ghostly spirits and send different employees to try to find them. Get the idea? Make them short and shareable — and watch the views and clicks run fast and furious.

4. Make boo-tiful images & gifs

There are so many options with Halloween social media posts when it comes to visual storytelling. Do you incorporate infographics into your marketing campaigns? Conveying information quickly and dynamically provides a lot of value to your audience (and helps ROI). Even stellar images of your products with festive decorations on Instagram can be a real hoot — and promote user-generated content too. From Instagram to Snapchat and Facebook, target your audience well and you can make a hefty impact on sales goals.

5. Launch a Halloween-themed contest

People love to win stuff — and they love to dress up this time of year. They also dress up their kids and their animals in silly and often outrageously funny ways. And have fun with spooky-looking food! Your company can create unique contests and give away a hot new product, gift cards, or even cash to really up the ante.

Make sure to interact frequently on the platform to encourage participation and promote competition. Keeping an eye on your timeline for likes, comments, and shares (and responding to them) is a critical best practice in social media during Halloween and all-year-round.

6. Provide DIY content

DIY content will be dependent on the industry but can be a popular go-to for this time of year. This Halloween social media idea can really work well because many people really get into the holiday and are always on the lookout for new things to wear, eat, make, and decorate with. Restaurants and bakeries can post creepy or cutesy recipe videos, fashion accessory retailers can show how you can use their products in costumes, and hardware stores can show people how to make their own tombstones to place in their yards.

Look at your product line and imagine what boo-tiful or scary thing you can do with it. A little imagination and some helpful information can spark a lot of interest and strengthen loyalty.

7. Play with words in content & hashtags

Traditional themes work well with Halloween posts — but originality can grab our short-attention-span digital world in a big way too. Play with words in your content and hashtags. Do a switcheroo or make unique and silly rhymes. One of the biggest successes during Halloween has been Snickers. Check out their very funny take on the “Horseless Headsman.”

How would your products fit into these or other creative content? (Leather belts? Comfort food?) Some of the very best ads/content make you think about or see things differently.

8. Embrace the family aesthetic

Halloween social media costume contest idea

We all got our first taste of Halloween as children — and many never give it up. Family-themed content framed to attract families of all types can be a real jackpot for business. Incorporate cute Halloween posts with homemade costume ideas with household products and what’s inside their closets, encourage families to dress up their kids and pets alike and share pictures, post recipes that parents and kids can make together, and share safety tips for trick-or-treating. Halloween is truly a family affair.

9. Promote a seasonal product or offer

Pumpkin spice latte, anyone? If you have the capability, making something fun and exciting just for Halloween and creating dynamic social media posts for the big reveal excites old customers and attracts new ones. From fashion to festive beverages and children’s toys to confections, consider launching a limited-time product and promoting it in a scary, humorous, or surprising way to BOOst your sales.

Time to get in the Halloween spirit

Is your brain brewing a concoction for success? Don’t be dead in the water during Halloween when it comes to your marketing. Consider incorporating these Halloween social media ideas to infuse the season with fun and flair. If not, you could be left with more tricks than treats.

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