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EPIC Post: The Hardest Part About Building Your Own Website

Epic Post: The Hardest Part About Building a Website

What is the hardest part about building your own website? We launched a new website this year on January 23, 2016, and our team was faced with a series of unexpected challenges.

Building your own website from scratch isn’t easy.

We had to stick with the best web design practices and UX secrets to fix a few minor errors in our old site before everything looked perfect. In particular, we would have to start fresh with a brand new website copy, 301 redirects in place of a new subdomain, a fresh design facelift with original photographs, navigation reorganization, and a few new pages for our portfolio and packages.

We got to build from scratch, and encountered the following issues:

    1. How will moving pages to a subfolder using 301 redirects affect SEO?


One huge problem with building out the new website was deciding on the best way to relocate our blog. Our previous blog did not have a proper subdomain, but one of the biggest concerns with making the switch was breaking links and losing SEO ranks.

    1. What CMS to use, what CSS pre-processors, developing locally vs on hosting, etc.


Before starting to build out a website you can hope to have a good knowledge base about the customer’s needs and with that knowledge, we ask ourselves questions. Is the client going to maintain the site after we build it? How many pages will the website be? What kind of special features has the client requested?

    1. Planning, deadlines, BIG questions, and the ultimate web design checklist.

website design checklist

Building a new website is a big task, but like anything when building something, there are going to be obstacles. Developing an effective web design checklist is another important part of the process that will help keep you sane through the process.

    1. Confessions of a digital marketing agency: mastering time management when designing a website.

the ultimate web design checklist

Deciding to design a new website for your business is a huge undertaking. You need to plan, strategize, and create timelines – all while trying to get your marketing team organized and on the same page. First, designing your own website is not easy.

    1. Our brand identity crisis: how long does it really take to build your own website?

>resisting website design building your website

Just 60 days is a little ambitious. More like 6 months. When it comes to building your own website, it takes time and a lot of dynamic change to finally get it right. The biggest struggle with starting fresh is never “settling” and allowing yourself to make a bold change.

    1. Website Redesign Creative: How to make website design decisions and stick with them


Sometimes redesigning a website is a harder feat than starting a new one from scratch. Every decision that is made comes with some type of responsibility. There are a lot more expectations with a website redesign. Redesigns need to happen, and they need to happen often in order for a company to stay current.