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How to Recover From Mobilegeddon

On April 21, Google sent shockwaves through the web design and digital marketing community by actually following through on its promise and beginning to prioritize mobile-friendly websites in its mobile search results. The resulting algorithm update was enormous and its effect easily dwarfed the earlier Panda and Penguin changes that have dominated search engine news for the past two years.

n anticipation of “Mobilegeddon,” tens of thousands of websites were updated and re-coded. But what if your company didn’t make the switch to mobile compatibility in time? What do you need to do to recover from Mobilegeddon and get back in Google’s good graces?

Because we know there are thousands of business owners asking themselves that very question right now, we would like to offer a few steps you can take immediately:

First, Know That It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Although a significant portion of Google searches have already been affected, Google’s mobile-friendly update is being rolled out in stages, meaning that the biggest shifts may still occur in the coming weeks. And there are some indications that Google may decide to extend the update and punish websites without mobile functionality even further. So whether you have seen traffic to your website drop off yet or not, expect things to get better before they get worse.

Second, Understand What the New Mobile Web Really Means

The hidden story behind Mobilegeddon isn’t that Google decided to change its search algorithm in a severe way – it’s that smartphone and tablet users now account for more than half of all web traffic, and may make up 75% of Internet users by 2017. That means marketers don’t have to simply adjust to a new search engine optimization environment, but to a new landscape where potential customers using laptop and desktop computers are in the minority.

And Finally, Get a Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website Today

Perhaps the biggest irony in Mobilegeddon is that the majority of small and medium-sized businesses could have converted to mobile-friendly responsive business websites without much time, trouble, or expense. Upgrading to responsive functionality isn’t difficult and doesn’t cost a lot, so the excuses most business owners and executives used for missing the deadline just don’t hold up.

Mobile Internet usage isn’t a fad, an idea, or even a trend – it’s the new reality of the web design and digital marketing landscape. Companies that refuse to adapt and catch up will continue to fall farther and farther behind. Can you afford to lose half of your potential customers, or more, and ignore Google’s new guidelines for much longer?

To learn more about responsive business websites and mobile functionality, contact a member of our team today to ask for a free consultation and website review.