How to Increase ROI & Investments with Inbound Marketing
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Using Inbound Marketing Magic to Increase Return on Investment

Using Inbound Marketing Magic to Increase Return on Investment

How to Increase ROI with Inbound Marketing

Make your marketing count. Inbound marketing is the answer to your digital marketing problem. The more you adapt your online marketing process for impact, the more you can increase return on investment with more effective results. All time and resources spent on online marketing can be analyzed and refined to form a more effective digital marketing strategy.

Try an inbound marketing strategy to increase return on investment:

Find a Hubspot Certified Partner

Hubspot’s own CEO Brian Halligan and co-founder Dharmesh Shah actually coined the phrase in the 2006 book, “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs”. A safe way to begin inbound marketing is to go through a Hubspot Certified Partner.

By applying the Hubspot methodology to your website and online pages, it becomes much easier to interpret what is lacking in your online strategy. The Hubspot method of inbound marketing improves your search engine optimization (SEO) and helps you narrow your focus to target a much more precise audience. This saves you time and money in the long run because your Hubspot partner will help you refine your online marketing methods to make a greater impact.

Target the Right Audience

One key step with inbound marketing is knowing who you’re talking to. Get to know your best customers by surveying them with a few questions and creating buyer personas or “ideal buyers” that are similar to your actual buyers. These buyer personas are your ideal customers and targeting buyers like them, who also have the same interests and problems, is one trick inbound marketing uses to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and maximize results.

Create Fresh & Unique Online Content

Most online businesses have come to the realization that you don’t rank unless you’re producing quality content. Just because something is “well-written” doesn’t mean it passes inbound marketing standards with SEO keywords, effective Calls-to-Action, and purpose that attracts, converts, closes, or delights. Each stage of the inbound marketing process gets more customers through the door. Refining your content campaigns with inbound marketing allows you to increase return on investment by improving conversion rates and keeping up with customer loyalty.

Automate Email Responses

An automatic response is an easy way to stay on top of leads. These days, no one wants to wait around to hear back, and they would rather put the burden on the business to get back to them. Sometimes, it’s too much effort to call and leave a phone message on weekends, so give your customers a 24/7 alternative. Adding an automated response to an order or contact form on your website will help keep leads from slipping through the cracks. Not only this, but when a customer offers you an email, it’s easy to sneak emails into their inbox and keep your business at the top of their mind.

Ask for Feedback to Complete the Loop

The last step to inbound marketing is keeping leads and customers in the loop. Building a complete inbound marketing loop is the key to converting more leads into customers and establishing customer loyalty. Businesses underestimate the power of referrals, but keeping your company in the minds of customers by establishing your online “sales funnel” with inbound marketing will only contribute to conversion rates.

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