Marketing Automation Guide to Streamlining the Ad Process
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Streamline the Ad Process with this Awesome Marketing Automation Guide

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Marketing Automation Helps You Reach More Customers Online

Need help using your marketing automation software more effectively? Then follow this guide to build a solid foundation online with marketing automation techniques that work for businesses.

How do you unlock the benefits of digital marketing automation?

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Inspire Customer Loyalty

Potential leads are not always ready to buy. Only 20 percent of leads are immediately ready to buy, and most require more information or a convincing nudge in the right direction. That’s why many marketing automation software include lead nurturing. Not only can you track customer behaviors and potential leads via marketing automation, you can also use this information to adapt to your audience and tailor your content to match the most effective posts for generating leads and converting sales.

The best way to do this is to observe which links and content pieces return the most sales leads and why. Are these articles persuasive of a product, informative of the benefits, focused on the problem and solution, or associated with a sale?

Another benefit of marketing automation is CRM or customer relationship management. With so many customers, websites, sales, or even sales leads, customer relations often suffer. Instead of letting this happen to you, switch to software that allows you to keep track of your customer interactions all in one place.

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Grow an Online Community

Having problems keeping consistent? Growing your own business community using your social media pages has never been easier. That’s because the key to

effective content marketing is consistency. You must post to your pages daily. The best marketing automation software allows you to grow an online community in no time by scheduling posts in advance to keep a steady stream of content continuously flowing.

Not to mention it helps reduce the response time by allowing you to view and interact with all posts and replies from social media pages, emails, or other business profiles in one place.

Increase Sales in Online Stores

Increase Sales in Online Stores

Can you pinpoint the strongest pages/posts for your websites and social media profiles? If not, try to investigate which content is returning the most interactions, and take it one step further with lead scoring provided by the best marketing automation software. With lead scoring capabilities, it’s easier to grasp the most effective marketing campaigns and drive traffic to online stores.

Once you grow your online community and reach the right audience, sales should come naturally. Yet anyone who’s ever struggled with this part of the process can take advantage of the ability to score leads and adapt posts or online marketing efforts in light of what your customers like the most.

Multiply Your ROI

Multiply Your ROI

Save time, money, and the effort it takes to continuously post on social media, send emails, and track marketing campaigns. Marketing automation increases your company’s efficiency. In turn, your initial investment should multiply with an even higher ROI by cutting unnecessary costs and selling more. Optimize your efforts by tracking what you’ve achieved and implementing smart strategies that will perform well in the future.

Scale Your Company’s Business

Are you ready to scale your company and reach new heights? Most businesses turn to digital marketing automation as a solution to keeping up with increasing demands by customers online. Marketing automation software turns your efforts into a process that’s more easily mapped out from beginning to end. This opens the door for more customers, sales, and overall business growth.

Think your company could benefit from marketing automation?

We can help you streamline the process. Get more details about our marketing programs, and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media marketing, and eCommerce web development company.


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