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User Friendly vs. Time Efficiency – Which Marketing Automation Software is Best?

User Friendly vs. Time Efficiency - Which Marketing Automation Software is Best?

Wasting Your Time with Menial Marketing Tasks? Automate.

Free up your time with marketing automation. When browsing for marketing automation software, you’ll want to check for two things — how easy each is to use and how much time it saves.

If you don’t have a whole lot of time to get acquainted with your marketing automation software before implementation, it could actually slow your processes in the beginning. Why? Because some marketing automation platforms are much more complicated to pick up (think Adobe Photoshop).

Save yourself from the trouble of a complicatedly confusing dashboard with the best marketing automation software for time-saving and user-friendly benefits.


Time Efficiency

Hootsuite is an awesome marketing automation software with just a bit of a learning curve. Yet it offers the ability to save time in the long run with practice. Most who use Hootsuite do so for the benefit of viewing multiple streams in one place to keep tabs on the latest trends and sharing through various profiles.

Hootsuite provides an easy connectivity tool to save more time managing social media streams. Not to mention, its bulk upload option straight from Google Drive Spreadsheets to social media sites saves you loads of time at the end of the day.

eTrigue Demand Center

User Friendly

The marketing automation software eTrigue provides one of the easiest-to-learn intuitive interfaces. It’s at the top as the ease-of-use leader for lead scoring/nurturing and tracking measurable marketing ROI. This makes it much easier to drive traffic to your online stores. With no hidden costs after the initial purchase and a highly intuitive interface, it’s not only user-friendly, it saves unnecessary costs in time and money.

Salesforce Pardot

Time Efficiency

Salesforce Pardot is a CRM marketing platform that connects to your business pages. There’s a substantial learning curve, but some say it’s not as steep as others. Once you’re settled in, you can enjoy tools for lead scoring and nurturing, email marketing, and tracking user activity in real time. Many choose Pardot for its insights and great price.



Hubspot is a great place to start. Some say it is “the most user-friendly” automation software on the market. If you need to direct your sales from cold call to inbound marketing for more impact, then this is the product for you. Hubspot provides a solution to keeping all your analytics, posts, and marketing campaigns in one place. Not to mention, it’s quite an easy jump right away!


Time Efficiency

Marketo is usually listed at the top among the best digital marketing automation software. The only problem is, like many of the best automation platforms, there’s a steep learning curve. With professional software like Marketo, it’s going to take time to master, but once you’re well acquainted with the interface, you can enjoy amazing analytics and save lots of time.


User Friendly

Buffer is one of the simplest and easy marketing automation software to start. It’s best used for scheduling content for publicizing on multiple social media websites and even provides an extension to save more time in Google Chrome. If you’re ready to set up marketing automation and use it effectively right away, then Buffer may just be the way to go.

Oracle Eloqua

Time Efficiency

Eloqua is a beast, but it’s worth the time spent learning it. What separates Eloque from the rest is the fully integrated interface that spans multiple applications. Although there’s a steep learning curve, there’s more ability to save a significant amount of time with tedious marketing processes.

Many are sold on this particular software because it becomes the most time-efficient and user-friendly after long use — much the same as learning Adobe Photoshop, the quality of results with use are unparalleled by other automation software on the market.

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