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Video and SEO

Video and SEO

The Importance of Optimizing Video for Search

Oyova works with multimedia in a variety of ways, and we are SEO experts. Naturally, we have suggestions for optimizing your videos for search.

Optimized videos have a number of advantages. First, video searches are now shown on the main search engine results pages, so you can gain more spots on the front page by making your videos available for search.

Second, optimizing videos allows you to rank for additional keywords that might not be suited to your main website.

Third, people like videos, so they’re likely to click through from the SERPs to your site when you have videos showing.

Here’s how you can gain these advantages:

  • Make sure that your videos have meta tags, just as your text content does. The title and description are key.
  • Create a video sitemap; click the link for Google’s instructions.
  • Add relevant text to the page where your video is embedded. “Watch our new commercial” isn’t going to do the trick; the text must contain your keywords. “Jacksonville Auto Repair Deals” or “Top 10 Tips for Benefits Managers” will be more useful.

If you don’t know how to accomplish these goals, or your time is already committed elsewhere, Oyova can make sure that your videos are optimized for maximum impact. Contact Oyova to discuss your needs.