What's the Best Digital Marketing Program for your Company
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What’s the Best Digital Marketing Program for your Company?

What's the Best Digital Marketing Program for your Company

Revitalize your business online. Get a digital marketing program that works for your company, customers, and industry.

The best digital marketing program for your business is tailored to your specific audience and needs. It takes the individual market into consideration for a better way to reach quality inquiries and customers by cutting the cost of lead acquisition.

Which type of website features do you need for your business?

Storefront Branding

BIRCHBOX is a great example of good branding in action. Your brand has the power to pull in a community of followers who advocate for your products.

Do you sell products? Then your digital marketing program should always include branding. Your online reach and the ability for your customers to remember your company play an important role in whether or not they continue to visit your website. For better branding, you’re going to need a logo, web design, and content marketing persona to pull them into your profiles and pages.

Community Building

Social Media Marketing

Many businesses switch to digital in order to build a customer base online. With online community members acting as constant advocators for their company, they get free advertising.

Building an online community around your business is one of the most effective ways to sell more products over the internet.

Service-Based Companies

Does your company do business by providing services to others? Then you’ll need to inform them how your manner of carrying out these services is superior in some way. This is where you need great presentation and a website along with other digital marketing extensions such as branding and an online community for growing a customer base with advocates for your company to reinforce this idea through customer satisfaction.

Mobile Device Accessible

Mobile Website

Some consumers are getting cranky over “mobile-friendly”. They want easy access to your website from their phone, and who could blame them? Mobile web design will get you into the hands of your customers and could even help you sell more products.

This is an amazing figure and just goes to show that not all who are browsing the web do so from a desktop or laptop computer. In fact, more online users access the internet from Ipads, tablets, and smartphones than ever before. To remain user-friendly on both desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, you’ll need a responsive web design.

eCommerce Stores

User Experience

If your goal is to sell products online, you’ll need a website platform that favors eCommerce stores. Not only is the design and website theme important, but you’ll want to set up a buying process that’s both appealing and user-friendly.

WordPress (Woocommerce) & Magento can accommodate start-ups and small businesses all the way up to large distributors. Content Management Systems such as these will require a bit of technical skill to get started. A web developer is regularly required to get going. However, once the website is fully functional a basic knowledge of computer skills is all you need to keep the store running.

If you want to create your online store without a developer, you can use services such as Shopify, Squarespace, etc. You can smoothly get your website up and running, but you will miss out on customization, site performance, and the personal touch of a friendly developer to help guide you through it.

Therefore, not only must your digital marketing include a way to reach more customers through online marketing methods, but it must also provide a working eCommerce platform (and excellent UX) for easier sales online.

Custom-Order Products

Is your entire business based around creating and selling custom-made products? Then not only will you need an eCommerce store with retail capabilities, you’ll also need one that allows you to input custom categories. In addition, you may not even offer the ability to buy online but submit potential product orders instead. In order for others to understand your process, you’ll need to display informational content on your website with clarity.

Digital marketing — sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re doing it right.

We provide your customers with a better user experience. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and eCommerce web development company.


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