Why An Inbound Marketing Agency Should Redesign Your Website
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10 Reasons Why Your Inbound Marketing Agency Should Redesign Your Website

10 reasons your inbound marketing agency should redesign your website

Your website is a 24/7 revenue driver and the ultimate representative of your business. It should be your #1 employee, hands-down. Your website is the face of your brand that gives critical answers to your customers’ questions every hour of every day. It needs to be current, dynamic, user-friendly, and perform in a way that advances your business goals.

An inbound marketing agency that specializes in website design has the expertise and the experience to make your website a traffic, and lead, driver. Here’s how they do it.

10 Ways an Inbound Marketing Agency Can Improve Your Website

    1. Improve Website Performance to Help Reach Your Business Goals

an inbound marketing agency can improve your website performace

How powerful is your current website? Is it generating a substantive amount of leads to produce sales? Are you converting your browsers into buyers? Inbound marketing agencies can redesign your website in a way that understands the buyer’s journey and strategically showcases your business and brand. With the increasing demands of customers in the digital age, companies and organizations must have the look and usability of today’s websites to keep up with the competition and reach business goals.

    1. Make It Load Faster

an inbound marketing agency can increase your website speed

Patience is a virtue that is not common on the internet. Consumers across the globe expect speed, speed, and more speed when it comes to accessing websites. Website load time clearly affects your bottom line and it is a factor in your Google rankings too. Your audience will most often abandon your website if it is not loaded in a few seconds. If your website is slow to load or has an overall slow user experience with your pages, it should be redesigned.

    1. Bring Your Website Out of the Visual Stone Age

an inbound marketing agency can improve your website design

Just like the speed of your site, the appearance needs to be current, dynamic, and be able to engage your target audience well. You need to not only just get them there, but you need to keep them there long enough to take action.

How does your website compare to your competition?

Does it look old-fashioned?

Does it have enough content, pages, and interesting visual components?

A new website design from an inbound marketing agency can take your business out of the visual Stone Age and into a more appealing future.

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    1. Make It Mobile-Friendly

an inbound marketing agency can make your website mobile friendly and responsive

All designs are not created equal. Many websites out there are still not friendly to mobile users — and that’s a huge mistake. As smartphone use continues to expand around the globe rapidly, people are relying on them more and more for much of their internet searching, browsing, product and service research, and product and service purchasing. If your website doesn’t offer a smooth, simple, mobile experience, you are losing customers and sales in a huge way.

    1. Improve Your Site SEO and Search Engine Rankings

an inbound marketing agency can improve your seo

The algorithms that Google and other search engines use are constantly changing. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site may be outdated — and underperforming. The quantity and quality of the content on your site play a big role in getting you ranked and found by new customers. An inbound marketing agency can do a thorough analysis of your SEO and include this enhancement as part of a redesign.

    1. Increase Your Content

an inbound marketing agency can add and improve content on your website

Many companies will create pretty basic websites and wonder why their views, click-throughs, and overall performance are lacking “oomph”. Content is king, queen, and the whole royal court for several reasons. If you don’t have enough content, including an ongoing company blog, your website will be less likely to be found (SEO) and your customers won’t have a reason to return frequently (and potentially buy more products or services). The quantity and quality of your content should also be in alignment with your branding initiatives.

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    1. Elevate, Align, and Clarify Your Brand Messaging

an inbound marketing agency can help you build your brand

Your brand messaging is another critical component of company success. From mission statements to taglines, colors to fonts, and much more, the branding on your website needs to be truly representative of your products and/or services. Whether you have a company that is very formal or traditional or one that is innovative, whimsical, or otherwise, your website needs to have clarity and alignment throughout the pages and the content. The website also needs to showcase a brand partnership with your social media channels and any published materials such as white papers, brochures, or other marketing materials.

    1. Reduce Bounce Rates and Help Convert Viewers Into Buyers

an inbound marketing agency can help gain more leads and convert visitors

Big data is one of your best business partners. The amount of data sets available to companies continues to grow as the field advances — allowing business leaders unprecedented access to information that affects their bottom line.

Do you have high bounce rates?

What about your conversion rates?

If you are not getting the level you desire, there may be something wrong with your site. If customers can’t find what they want and find it quickly, they will often abandon the page and seek that particular product or service elsewhere. A powerful, user-friendly website design throughout all of your pages is necessary to get viewers to stay on your site and to make them take action, contact you, and buy what you have to sell.

    1. Update Your Website to Meet Your Current Needs

an inbound marketing agency can help you reach your website goals

Over time, businesses often grow and evolve.

Have you added new products or services?

Have you expanded your customer base to include target audiences you never had before?

All of this needs to be represented appropriately on your website to help propel company growth. Keeping a website updated with the changing needs of your company takes time and expertise that many businesses do not have. From images to product descriptions and crafted content that excites new audiences; a website redesign can bring your online presence up to date with your current business needs.

    1. Keep Up With (or Zoom Past!) Your Competition

an inbound marketing agency can help you outrank your competitors

With more than one billion sites on the internet now, you need to know your top competition well. What are their sites like? The last thing a business wants is to have an online presence that lags way behind the competition. Consumers continue to demand more and more before they decide to buy anything, so it is necessary to “keep up with the Joneses” to gain attention and obtain loyal customers.

An inbound marketing agency has the technological resources and skilled professionals to perform a website redesign to help with all of these common issues. Branding, SEO, site speed, responsiveness, and other essential components of your website need to be personalized, strategic, and high-quality to become your #1 employee and 24/7 online representative.

Check out one of our website redesign case studies.