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5 Signs You Don’t Have the Right Marketing Team

5 Signs You Don't Have the Right Marketing Team

Today, everyone in your company is a marketer, or at least that’s how they’re perceived by the outside. A vast majority of your employees are online and they’re representing your company in an unofficial capacity.

While you’re limited in the control you have over others’ perceptions, you do need to ensure that you have the right combination on your true marketing team. Here are a few signs that you may have some restructuring to do.

Signs You Need a New Marketing Team

    1. Your Marketing Person Confuses Social Media Accounts

Many marketers are working on their personal brands and the company brand simultaneously. This can pose problems if the social media person isn’t careful. If they get the two social media accounts confused, you can have the same sort of issue the Red Cross did when one of its employees posted this message meant for her personal account to the Red Cross’ Twitter account.

red cross twitter mistake signs you don't have the right marketing agency

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post.

However, while their social media specialist may not have been the right member of the team, the rest of their team was extraordinary when handling a very embarrassing situation with levity and posted:

red cross twitter mistake apology signs you don't have the right marketing team

Photo courtesy of Mashable

    1. There’s No Sense of Urgency

Have you ever heard one year of human life is worth seven to a dog? While the science on that is debatable, one minute on social media is an eternity. Twenty-four hours and you’ve taken what should’ve been a basic response and made it a cataclysm. There is an urgency on social media and issues that aren’t answered are quickly escalated, often past your control. You need a team that understands this and acts accordingly.

    1. The Sales Department Isn’t Seeing Quality Leads

If you cast a wide net, you get a lot of junk. If you’re marketing team isn’t looking for your ideal customer, or worse, doesn’t know who that is, they’ll continue to pass along people to the sales department who are not a good fit for your product or service.

With today’s marketing and drip campaign technology, by the time a prospect has identified themselves as such, they should be well-nurtured and interested. But if the marketing team is casting a wide net hoping everyone will respond, sales will spend a lot of its time qualifying prospects instead of easing them deeper into the sales funnel.

Hard sales are out and because of this, a lot of the “landing” of the client or customer is done on the marketing end. If your marketing team hasn’t constructed buyer personas, you don’t have the right marketing team.

    1. Your Marketing Is (Just) Good Words

Marketing teams of today look vastly different than even a few years ago. You need a designer who understands more than logos. They need to be skilled in branding, image creation and conveying your company’s message, solution, and culture visually. You need people who can work in a variety of mediums such as written content, audio, and video.

A business analyst should be on board to help you understand the data behind your efforts and an SEO expert should be helping you rank high on organic and paid search. These are the minimum skills that your marketing team needs now.

    1. They Post Without Thinking

Think there’s no such thing as bad PR? Tell that to Aldi Australia after what they thought would be an engaging post turned into an invitation for dirty minds.

aldi twitter mistake signs you don't have the right marketing team

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail UK.

Since a large percentage of customers perform online research before contacting a company directly, your marketing team is one of the most “visible” in your company. They are most likely the first representation of you and your brand that most people experience. If you’re not represented professionally and their skills do not advance your strategic goals, you’re wasting time and money.

Marketing should no longer be a cost center. With social media and online interactions, marketers may have more interaction with potential customers than your sales department does. Make an investment in this group, whether you keep it in-house or select a firm to handle it for you, you want a team of the best and the brightest who are up-to-date on the ever-changing best practices in this demanding field.