Types of Content Marketing to Increase Website Traffic
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Driving Mad Traffic with 5 Types of Content Marketing Campaigns

Driving Mad Traffic with 5 Types of Content Marketing Campaigns

Types of Content Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

Content is the most necessary part of your online marketing strategy. Most businesses don’t realize that in order to appear at the top of a search, you must produce content with search engine optimization (SEO) qualities and keywords on a consistent basis.

Your online business website won’t even show up for potential customers using a search engine unless you’ve produced content, pages, and updates.

Here are a few types of content marketing campaigns to help get you started.

5 Types of Content Marketing Campaigns

    1. Link Building Campaigns

The first type of content marketing campaign is a link-building campaign. Link building is an essential part of SEO because it allows you to raise your “domain authority” or “trustworthiness” in the eyes of Google. This means that by securing good backlinks (from high domain authority sites), you can increase the rank of your website in search engines.

There are several ways to improve your domain authority, but one of the most effective boosters in domain authority comes from guest blogging for reputable sites (with links back to your site) or building backlinks through social media pages and relevant sources (such as local business databases).

    1. Social Outreach Campaigns

Another reliable type of content marketing is social media. The results with social media can rely heavily on your target audience and industry. Before going full force into content marketing with social media, take a good look at your customers’ demographic information such as their average age to determine if your audience uses social media.

Another great way to get your products in front of the right people is by finding relevant influencers with a large following and establishing a connection. Other more creative social outreach ideas include Twitter giveaways, Instagram product features, and online webinars.

    1. Organic SEO Content Campaigns

Instead of buying ads, use organic SEO to raise ranks. Your website’s rank in a search engine all depends on the quality of your keyword and backlink strategies. Organic SEO can be accomplished by focusing on producing a continuous stream of content (like blogs) and securing good backlinks from high domain authority sites with strategic placement of content.

In time, this will increase your own domain authority and contribute to the success of your organic SEO efforts.

    1. Marketing Automation Campaigns

An easy way to secure more leads anytime is by adding a marketing automation funnel to your website. Marketing automation creates a way to capture leads at any stage of the game. It means you can set up automatic responses to actions on your website, such as emails or other types of content.

With a bottom, middle, and top-of-the-funnel offer in place, no leads slip through the cracks. Each part of your marketing automation funnel completes the loop that keeps your leads moving toward the end goal.

    1. Email Referral Campaigns

Email referral campaigns are your chance to sneak emails into your customer’s inbox. It pays to request an email from your buyers whenever they are about to make a purchase. Most happy customers are eager to refer a friend to a service they’ve used and trust.

In addition, most people are much more likely to bite when the referral comes from a trusted source, such as a friend. Why not take advantage of this by asking for referrals via email?

If you have collected a list of previous customers, an email referral campaign is an effective way to “spread the word” about your products and services to increase the frequency of referrals.

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