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Irresistible Ideas for Revamping Your Brand Experience in 2016

Irresistible Ideas for Revamping Your Brand Experience in 2016

Establish a Brand Experience in 2016 for Better Online Marketing

Is your brand a lacking aspect of your marketing? Find out what the future has in store for your brand in 2016. Revamp your branding to secure an edge over the competition this year.

The digital marketing climate is constantly changing. Taking the various marketing trends of 2015 into consideration, next year points toward more brand personalization. It’s all about brand experience.

Try these irresistible ideas for revamping your brand in 2016:

The Shift to Personalization

What are branding strategies to keep in mind for 2016? The shift to personalization. Digital marketers are uncovering that your audience connects best with your brand when you make it personal. Brand personalization is done by reverse engineering the way in which your customers buy your products.

First, you must conduct research on your customers to form a buyer persona then target like customers with a reinforcing brand identity. This helps anyone interested in your business not only connect with you but also establish familiarity which strengthens a person’s ability to remember or recommend you to others.

Planning Your Brand Experience

Basic brands are flat. Add some dimension to what you’re doing by captivating customers with a brand experience. Plenty of shoppers get a thrill out of the excitement of the shopping experience itself. In fact, the way in which a customer feels they were treated while browsing or making a purchase has a significant effect on the way in which they respond to a brand. A customer will begin to associate negative feelings and memories with your brand if it offers only a negative brand experience.

What is negative? A bad brand experience is a source of frustration for your customer. They might need your products/services desperately but refuse to do business with you based on a bad experience.


What’s a bad brand experience?


Your website took longer than 3 seconds to load

They can’t find the path to purchase in under 3 clicks

Your navigation or “user flow” gives them the “runaround”

There are plugin or interactive feature errors

The shopping cart on your site sucks

We can’t all have fancy shopping carts like Yet a successful brand experience relies on the ability of your site to work intuitively with the user. It must be user-friendly.

Remembering We’re all Human

Brands tend to win you over with emotions if they successfully accentuate human qualities. When you’re in the marketing profession, you find that the success of most products and services comes from an underlying problem and the desperation or need for a working solution. With this idea in mind, brand building works best when you’re using it to solve another human’s problem.

Even more so, remembering that we’re all human helps a business professional to determine the “marketability” of a product or service in how common the need for a solution to this problem is when looking across the wider population. If you can find a common human problem, then toot the solution by shaping this into your brand identity.

Piracy and Protecting Your Reputation

One of the hottest topics of 2015 and marketing in 2016 is piracy. Protecting your reputation online is growing increasingly complicated. Google addresses the issue of user privacy by allowing users of Google Contributor to pay a fee of up to $10 a month that allows them to search with fewer ads displayed across the board. Only users of Google Adsense or Doubleclick for Publishers will be able to sign up for Google Contributor.

Other protections are concerned with the collection of user data. The year 2016 will set the stage for addressing online security issues. If you currently collect user data, then keep a close watch on how updates to privacy pan out — such as the transferring of cookies, adblocking, and the like — in the coming year.

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