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Keeping Track of Your Website’s Performance

Keeping Track of Your Website's Performance

Evaluating the Performance of Your Site

How do you know whether your website is working well for you or not? Most consumers now go online to do at least some part of their research before they visit your place of business, so it’s less likely that your customers will mention that they found you through your website; it’s almost a given.

Is your website like a billboard, then, you put something up, and then you just hope it works?

Not at all. One of the great things about online marketing is that it’s measurable. Install Google Analytics or another web analytics system, and you can learn an impressive amount about the people who visit your website.

We’ll use Google Analytics as an example because it’s free and because we use it ourselves.

Look at some of the things you can track with this program:

  • Traffic: how many visitors come to your site? You can easily track this information over time, to see trends and compare them with your sales or number of leads, discover weekly or seasonal patterns, or check the success of other marketing efforts.
  • Visitors: information about your visitors, including the languages they use, where they come from, how often they visit, and more. Make sure that your message reaches your target market and see whether you need changes.
  • Traffic sources: where your visitors came from and how they found you. With this tool, you can identify other sites that link to yours, find out the words people use to search for you online, and find out whether your social media campaigns are effective.
  • Navigation: how people travel through your website. Do they visit the pages you expect them to and click on the pages you think they will? Which pages are your effective landing pages and which ones do people leave from?
  • Content: which pages are popular and which ones aren’t? Which links do your visitors click?

This is just a small sampling of the information available from web analytics. Oyova can install and configure analytics for you, set up custom reports that get at the information you really want, and help you understand what it all means.