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What Your Website Does for Your Business

What Your Website Does for Your Business

What Websites Do for Business

Your small business needs a website. You’ve heard it from your marketing team, your salespeople, or maybe from your customers every time they ask you, “Where’s your website?”

If you’re still hesitating about getting online, you may be wondering whether it will really have the kind of impact you want. You may be comparing the cost of a website with what you’re spending for the phone book or a TV spot and wondering whether it’ll be worth it.

Here’s what a website will do for your small business:

  • Your website gives you control over your online presence. Your customers are looking for you online; no question about it. If you don’t have a website, what are they finding? Customer reviews at Yelp or a map with an unflattering street view of your building? Maybe someone’s blog post about you or an outdated phone book listing? Whatever it is, you don’t control it. A website lets you give your message to your customers the way you want to present it.
  • Your website is a 24/7 salesforce for you. A well-built website presents your best face all day every day, and all night, too. If you sell directly from your website, then you can catch that 3:00 a.m. shopper. If your website gives information about your company, then you can offer that information whenever people need it without increasing your overhead.
  • Your website makes multiple contacts for you. You know that people need seven contacts with you before they buy, right? That rule of thumb used to mean that they had to see your ads seven times or you had to call them seven times. Now, potential customers make multiple visits to your website before they decide to hire you, buy your service, or shop with you. That cuts down the number of ads and direct contacts you need to make–and that saves you money.

No matter how you do the math, it’ll still add up to you needing a website. Let Oyova help you with your web design and development needs.