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8 ways to successfully promote your business on social media

8 ways to successfully promote your business on social media

Are you reaching your revenue goals? Looking for digital marketing tips to boost sales? As our society is becoming ever more mobile and connected, getting a good grip on how to market your business on social media is essential. Delight and engage your potential customers into action to not only achieve revenue goals — but exceed them.

Embrace the big players where your target audience spends their time — Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. — in the right ways, and you can make the most of these 24/7 digital business drivers.

Simple Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

    1. Connect and collaborate with your best influencers.

promote your business on social media by connecting with influencers

If you’re exclusively promoting your brand yourself, you’re missing out on so many opportunities. Enter influencers. Potential customers respond very positively to someone they can trust. Seeking out these influencers – and not only your highest profile ones but also micro-influencers that have dedicated and highly engaged followers — and collaborating with them to promote your business on social media has the power to increase quality leads and close sales dramatically.


    1. Ask questions to start conversations.

market your business on social media by asking questions & having conversations

Social media was invented to connect people in new and exciting ways, promoting passionate interactions and lively conversations. Opinions are certainly flowing freely all over the internet, and social media platforms serve as useful tools for businesses to cultivate their target audience.

Ask questions relevant to your target audience’s needs. You could uncover real gems that may be useful for product or service development. You could also find out information that may help you fine-tune your marketing. Run occasional contests with these question posts, giving gift cards or free products to the most-liked comments to facilitate dialogue.



    1. Unite people with humor.

promote your business on social media by uniting people with humor

Being funny isn’t always easy, but it is an excellent social media marketing technique that reaps great rewards when it works. Make sure to stay on brand, though. If your mission emphasizes equality and social consciousness, don’t go too far in the non-pc arena. Yes, some of the best humor pushes boundaries, but if you go too far — you can alienate people quickly.

When thinking about how to market your business on social media in a humorous way, knowing your audience very well is so important. What kinds of topics do teens think are funny? If you sell clothes, what about fashionistas? The more you know about your target audience, the more laughter and the shares will escalate.


    1. Offer added value.

market your business on social media by offering added value

If you’re marketing your products and services correctly, your customers will know how it meets a need. But going a step further really helps to engender loyalty and facilitates retention/repeat buyers. Provide additional content that helps them, such as how-to tips or best practices. Periodically offer access to limited-time-only merchandise or free white papers. These kinds of added value contribute to your overall brand messaging and legitimacy — and show your customers that you care.


    1. Utilize user-generated content (USG) on your social media platforms.

promote your business on social media by utilizing user generated content

Social media for business owners works best when it’s dynamic, creative, and truly connected. Utilizing user-generated content is a great way to connect with your audience and convert viewers to purchasers.

Take the time to solicit, share, and post USG. Often, that “aww” factor can be very persuasive. From cute kids doing cute things with your products on Facebook or relevant Instagram posts with heartwarming messages, USG is another great tool to use when formulating your plans on how to market your business on social media.


    1. Incorporate lots of videos.

market your business on social media by incorporating more videos

Videos are often the shining star that gets people to stop scrolling. With the rapidly rolling feeds of social media, the competition for a potential customer’s time and attention is fierce. Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, it’s time. YouTube is just below Google as the 2nd most popular search engine in the world.

Create content that conveys your passion and personality. It doesn’t have to be long, just engaging and in alignment with your brand. You can also facilitate conversations when sharing industry-appropriate hot topics (as long as they aren’t direct competitors, of course). Be bold, be brave, and start recording.



    1. Don’t let negative comments ruin your business story.

promote your business on social media by not letting negative comments ruin your business story

Stay active on your various social media platforms and address any problems right away. Negative comments and complaints can cause big issues quickly. Monitor them frequently and provide excellent customer service when faced with a problem. Your audience doesn’t demand that you be perfect but wants to know that you have their back if something does come up.

If appropriate, apologize in a public tweet or post. But it’s best to move the resolution phase of the conversation to direct messages or other one-on-one communications.


    1. Use the 1-in-7 rule when creating content.

market your business on social media by using the 1 in 7 rule when creating content

Overly promoting in social media marketing is not a winning strategy. Share posts from your community and deliver posts filled with valuable content most of the time. That doesn’t mean you can’t mention your products in those other posts, just make sure you are delivering quality content and not straight advertisements.

Do you have a blog? Frequent, regularly scheduled blog posts can be a very effective tool to fill your timelines/feeds with content that people want and need.


Ready to Get to Work?

These eight ways that describe how to market your business on social media provide a solid foundation to boost sales and exceed revenue goals. The key is consistency. When you can compose fun, useful, and intelligent content — and deliver it consistently — half the battle is won. The other social media management strategies, such as sharing USG, cultivating your audiences with influencers, and keeping any potential problems from spreading out of control, coalesce into a very powerful business promotion strategy.

Ready to get started? Start by implementing one or two of these strategies and see how it works. Measure your results over a month or two and see if you notice any improvements. And if you have any questions along the way, reach out to us on social media or in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to help.

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