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10 Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic Instantly

10 Effective Ways to Increase Web traffic Instantly

Tips for Increasing Web Traffic

How do you increase website traffic? That’s the million-dollar question when it comes to the success of your digital marketing system.

Without website visitors, you have no sales figures. That’s why better search engine optimization is the first step to marketing online and connecting with customer queries. But what if you want to increase website traffic instantly? Then you have a few options including link baiting, pay-per-click advertising, and promotional offers your customers simply can’t refuse.

Here are some of the top ways to increase website traffic instantly:

PPC Advertising

For an instant boost in reach, try a Pay Per Click campaign. Plenty of social media networks and niche industry websites offer ad space, and you need only pay per each successful click. This is a better deal than simply paying for the ad space or just “impressions” and no guarantee of clicks. Twitter and Facebook both offer a way to target your audience, but always be certain the clicks you are getting are quality leads free from “bots” and fake profiles that fluff up the numbers.

Location Ads

If your business is based in a specific location, you absolutely need location advertising in some way, shape, or form. This is the most valuable resource to narrow your target audience online. For an instant spike in website traffic and numbers, be certain your business is listed in Google Places with phone, address, and website. If your website is already registered as a place of business, then your other option is to create a Google Adwords listing by paying for location-based advertising for your specified region. This will allow you to focus on your target audience instead of the entire country or globe.

Google Adwords

Once again, Google Adwords campaigns are a great investment for an instant boost in search engines. That’s because Google is the leading search engine today. If you still need some time to work on increasing your organic traffic, then AdWords campaigns should fill in the gaps in the meantime. Setting up a Google Adwords campaign is as simple as entering the page and following the directions, as they’ve already done the keyword research for you.

Social Bookmarking

Want to give each blog post or page you write a quick increase in visitors? Try adding your content links to social bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or whichever sites connect best with your audience. Each of these websites is designed for sharing content for easier recall by topic of relevance.

SEO Keywords

Just one effectively executed article optimized for a specific set of keywords has the potential to translate into hundreds or even thousands of website visitors. Anytime your content marketing is met with success, take a closer look at the keywords that ranked highest. There may be a golden phrase that works like magic for your online audience.


Anytime you share content on social media channels, it’s always a good idea to use hashtags. Twitter and Instagram are two excellent examples of social media networks that are difficult to operate without hashtags. This is not only because most of the new viewers conducting a search will find your page by clicking through hashtags, but also because your leads’ news feeds are set to show posts that match their interests.

Email Campaigns

Never underestimate the power of drip email campaigns. Did you know email campaigns are some of the most effective marketing methods used by business-to-business (B2B) marketers? That’s probably because most people check their email at least once a day. More reason to start sending emails for more effective lead acquisition.

Promotional Offers

Plan for a promotion based on a new product or service. People love free stuff. Get them to click through for a better look at an offer they can’t refuse. Some eCommerce stores use social media networks like Instagram to conduct a giveaway contest as a promotional offer to get people excited about a new product. This way more people are waiting in anticipation by the time the product is released.

Online Partners

What your website needs is a strategic online partner. There may be possibilities for guest posts that give your company exposure and strategic placement for a certain niche or industry. An online partner can be a reputation booster, especially to the cold, emotionless search engines. Securing an online partner with an excellent domain authority rating could raise your rank.

Link Baiting

Link baiting is the act of increasing the number of inbound links that point back to your online pages. This form of “inbound marketing” provides a great addition to your typical backlink strategy. It’s also best executed when you’ve provided useful, quality content and marketing copy with links inserted in a friendly, organic manner. Link-baiting content does not necessarily push your business, but it opens up a reason for the viewer to click through to your pages. Outlining the customer’s problem and offering an irresistible solution is the best way to go about it.

In need of a long-term plan for digital marketing?

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