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Marketing Online: Why Marketing Online Is a Whole Different Beast

What’s the difference? Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

Leave traditional advertising behind for a smarter online solution. It’s called digital marketing. Online marketing may be a whole different beast, but it pays for businesses to go digital.

Digital marketing is the world’s online solution to your traditional advertising problem. If you want a more cost-effective way to advertise your business and grow a customer base online, then digital marketing could just be the answer to your problems. Yet there is a wrong way to go about digital marketing.

Here are some digital marketing basics to keep in mind:

Measurable Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to track and report on leads and customers. If you aren’t tracking your leads and customer behaviors, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to save money on the cost of customer acquisition. Acquiring new leads isn’t easy. But with digital marketing, you create an “inbound marketing” system via driving traffic to your websites and profiles with “big data” that can be measured and analyzed through automated marketing reports. This makes it much easier to adapt your approach with digital marketing, whereas with traditional marketing there is no measurable way to organize leads except collecting business cards.


One of the greatest advantages of digital vs. traditional marketing is that it’s much easier to build your brand online. With traditional advertising methods, you have a logo, commercials, posters, and collateral to help get the message across, but with digital marketing, your website, profiles, and streaming content open up unlimited possibilities when it comes to building your brand. Digital marketing allows you to craft custom videos, graphics, articles, web design and content that speak to your customers. Marketing online is an easier means to a better “brand experience”.

Vast Exposure

Vast exposure comes from digital marketing — or not. It all depends on if you’re doing it right. The main reason why businesses have taken to the online markets is due to exposure. Digital marketing allows you to reach billions of people from anywhere in the world. This requires expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and customer targeting for the best outcome. Without a basic understanding of SEO, your business may be lost to the endless competition online. It’s important to refine your online marketing strategy, and hire an expert digital marketing agency to keep up with the latest standards in search engine optimization.

Pre-Qualified Customers

The major difference between traditional advertising and digital marketing is targeting. Before customers ever reach your website, they are already pre-qualified to accept more information about what you offer. That is because in clicking through to your website, they have responded to your Call to Action and shown interest in your products/services. This is the process of inbound marketing where the customer has already made the choice to interact with your company instead of being forced to view a disruptive advertisement.

The Whole Package Deal

Digital marketing, unlike traditional advertising, is a more “permanent” solution to customer acquisition. With traditional advertising, you’re paying for an ad, commercial, or business collateral that acts only as a temporary solution to your lead generation problem. But with digital marketing, you gain an online base of operations through your website pages and social media profiles that stays up and running like a 24 hour business each day of the week.

Why do businesses like Walmart, McDonald’s, and Starbucks continue to crush the competition? Other than low prices, the branding, or a superior business model, it’s the accessible location and hours of operation at each of these places. All three are open much more often than any other grocery store, fast-food restaurant, or coffee shop. It’s hard to compete with those hours!

Your customers don’t want to wait, because most Americans don’t have the extra time and buy on impulse instead of waiting around (that is, for the most part). For this reason, it’s a great advantage to be able to get in touch or receive orders at all hours of the day.

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