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Self Destruct Gmail Emails with Dmail Plugin

Erase Emails You’ve Already Sent with Dmail for Google Chrome

Ever wish you could take back that email you sent? Now you can with Dmail the self-destructing email plugin for Gmail. Instead of regretting that you dared to push the send button on that message, get rid of it — Inspector Gadget style.

Look out, because now your emails might start disappearing. Thanks to the Delicious social bookmarking site team, self-destructing emails mean you may want to start checking your messages as they come in and keeping a close watch on your inbox. Dmail allows you to revoke access to Gmail emails at any time.

What do I need to know about Dmail before using it?

It Works without Recipient’s Installation

What makes Dmail self-destructing email such a great alternative for those who are notoriously known for sending “accidental” emails is that it works even if the person you’re messaging doesn’t use the service. This means that you don’t need to worry about whether or not your recipients use Dmail, since it works either way. The most useful application of such an email feature is no doubt the ability to erase emails with sensitive information, passwords, or account numbers with a click.

This is what the recipient sees when you send via Dmail:

Recipient Message Dmail

It Doesn’t Actually Delete Your Emails

Rather, Dmail encrypts and decrypts messages within the prescribed time frame. Those who install the Dmail plugin can specify this time before sending the message. In addition, those who receive Dmail messages but do not personally use the service will see a “View Message” button in the body of the email that opens the email in a new tab (with a Delicious url) when clicked.

It also states, “Secure message sent via Dmail.” Those who have Dmail installed just see the email appear as usual in their Gmail inbox.

testing dmail for gmail email screen shot

If you want to erase emails you’ve already sent, there is a button that appears in the upper right with “Revoke Email” to do this at any time.

What Happens After the Email Self Destructs?

Once you’ve sent an email and have revoked access or it self destructs, the message still appears in another’s inbox along with, “Message Unavailable: This message is no longer available for viewing…”. For anyone who needs a more in-depth tech overview, Eric Kuhn explains to TechCrunch,

“An encrypted copy of that email is sent to a data store controlled by Dmail. The recipient of the email is sent both the location of that datastore, as well as a key to view the decrypted message. Neither Gmail nor Dmail servers ever receive both the decryption key and encrypted message. Only the recipient and sender can read the email legibly.”

You can also pre-set the clock so that the message self-destructs at a given time after sending. This allows you set a specified timeframe when each email becomes inaccessible. This means you can wait an hour, a day, or even a week later to automatically revoke access to the email contents after it’s sent.

This Message Will Self Destruct

Dmail Mobile App Ready in August

Dmail will be ready for iOS with its application launch set for August. If you send serious messages, and absolutely need a “self-destruct” button to cover your tracks and leave no evidence behind (except the shell of your former message), then download Dmail for mobile for messages on the go. The app gives you access to your account and allows you to both send and receive Dmails from your mobile phone.

Although these are all the features for now, Dmail is keeping some options open-ended when it comes to potential features for the future that change the way messages are sent and documents shared online — such as the ability for a business to share a pdf, then eventually revoke access at a later date. Document control is the next feature to test with the app and should be ready to launch this winter.

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