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3 Myths About Mobile Websites

From the way mobile web functionality is dominating the discussion around Internet marketing these days, you would think that smartphones and tablets were a brand-new phenomenon. The reality though is that they became commonplace years ago, and experts predicted they would overtake traditional desktop and laptop computers very quickly.

Despite the fact that mobile-ready devices are everywhere, business owners and executives still hold on to a few myths about mobile websites. Here are three of the most pervasive and damaging:

#1: You Need a Dedicated Mobile Website

You do need mobile compatibility on your website, but that probably doesn’t have to be in the form of a dedicated mobile website. In fact, for most businesses a responsive website – one that adapts itself to the viewer’s display size – represents a far better value. That’s because there’s only one website to pay for and maintain, and you get almost all the functionality you would from a mobile-only version of your pages.

#2: “Mobile-Friendly” Just Means Different Layouts

There is more to mobile compatibility than simply resizing layouts and images. Although that’s certainly an important part of the mix, changing forms and feedback mechanisms, adding features like “click to call,” and modifying image sizes and page loading times are all critical details. Let your design team skip over them and you’ll end up with a website that looks mobile-friendly but really isn’t.

#3: You Can Hold Off on Mobile Compatibility

If you’ve gotten this far without a mobile-friendly website, you may be thinking that you can put off the upgrade for another year or two. That would be a huge mistake. Mobile web users already make up the majority in North America, and their numbers are growing. Your customers are using tablets and smartphones… the only question is whether they’ll be using them to access your website or a competitor’s.

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