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The Unfortunate Truth of Digital Marketing

Usually, when a new client steps into our offices, it’s for one of two reasons: Either they are rapidly expanding and need to try some new ideas, or feel like they’re out of patience with an existing web design company and want to begin a new relationship.

Either way, new clients tend to be practically bursting with excitement. They have lots of concepts and ideas they want to put to the test, and can’t wait to see what the results are going to be like.

That enthusiasm is both refreshing and infectious. Sometimes, though, we have to let them in on an unfortunate secret of digital marketing: When you’re doing it right, it’s not usually that exciting.

Don’t get us wrong – watching a website take off, and new revenue come in, can certainly be invigorating. But the day-to-day effort that it takes to find and attract new customers over the Internet just isn’t as fast-paced as business owners and executives expect it to be.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why:

The Best Web Designs Are Usually Traditional

Many new clients come in and ask for websites that could best be described as “sexy.” Mind-blowing aesthetics are great, but convention dictates that a lot of the best web designs are going to be (at least somewhat) traditional. That is, you need customers to know where they can look for navigation bars, to have fonts that are readable, and images that make sense with your company. Functional websites are easy to use, and that brings buyers back again and again.

Search Marketing Is About Content and Consistency

It’s a common belief among those outside the web design and digital marketing industry that search engine optimization is about tricks, secrets, and hidden formulas. There are things you can do to get an edge on Google, but the vast majority of search marketing really comes down to researching keywords, publishing great content, and updating your blog and website consistently. That’s not exciting, but it is a winning formula.

Social Media Marketing Comes Back to Reputation and Customer Service

The same kind of thinking applies to social media, where everyone wants to “go viral” and attract 10,000 new followers within 15 minutes. What they don’t realize is that, even when those types of campaigns work out, 9,999 of those new followers are going to quickly take their attention elsewhere if they find they aren’t a good fit for what you have to offer. When you have a good online reputation, solid customer service, and an unbeatable value proposition, customers are going to say good things about you online. That’s the real key to social media marketing.

Sustainable Digital Marketing Success Builds Over Time

Very few websites generate boatloads of new leads and sales overnight. Even the best digital marketing plans take time to work, and most people trust businesses they’ve worked with before over brand-new vendors. The bottom line is that sustainable digital marketing success usually builds up over time, with smart strategies and a little bit of patience. Trying to rush things usually ends up costing you more money than you can get back later.

Are you looking for a web design and digital marketing partner that can help you achieve consistent growth over time? If so, we might be just the agency for you. Why not contact our team today to set up a time to talk?