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Do You Have the Right Digital Marketing Goals?

Time to Assess Your Investment to Reach New Business Goals

Part of effective marketing is establishing the right goals and following a commonsense approach to reaching them. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations trip up their own efforts by failing to set reasoned or realistic targets… or neglecting to set digital marketing goals at all.

Below, you’ll find our quick and easy guide to setting better digital marketing goals for your company:

Know What Makes a Good Goal

While most companies have the stated digital marketing goal of “finding more customers,” that’s not nearly specific enough. Your goal should include a specific outcome or percentage return, the budget (in terms of time and money) you can devote to digital marketing, and a timeframe to meet that target.

Think Realistically

Occasionally, we meet with new clients who want to “double sales in three weeks,” or “reach a top spot on Google next month.” In most cases those aren’t realistic goals. Your marketing agency can help you set achievable targets, of course, but try to think in terms of modest gains within a few months, which can then be further improved upon.

Measure More Than Sales

It’s only right and natural that most companies set their marketing goals to line up with new sales. However, remember that some secondary aims – like increasing the number of subscribers on your email list, or adding new pages to your website – could end up being even more valuable in the long run.

Keep Readjusting as You Go

It’s not unusual to find that your initial digital marketing goals were either too ambitious or not lofty enough. That’s why you want to re-assess your goals, and re-allocate time and funds if necessary, at regular intervals. You may just find things take off even faster than you’d expected!

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